A Change In Perspective

The South Jetty of Tillamook bay extends itself solidly into the Pacific. To the south, you can see the ocean at it’s most turbulent. Crashing waves, thunderous noise and white spray make for a dramatic picture. To the north, in the channel of the bay, all is calm. The water has a satiny calm sheen to it with just a hint of the powerful current underneath.

South Jetty, Tillamook Oregon

South Jetty, Tillamook Oregon

The fundamental power of the ocean remains unchanged. The feeling and sense of the scene changes dramatically with a simple turn of the head.

Such changes of perspective are possible in the mind, too.

If we choose to channel the chaos and upsets of our lives into something more manageable, the universe will cooperate. If we use our thoughts as a jetty to separate our lives from the turmoil and scarcity around us, we too, can enjoy the smooth satiny surface of life.

It’s not so much what happens, as it is how we view it.

We can view powerful world as chaotic and unfriendly. We can focus on the turbulence and trouble. We can be crushed by the tide of life.

Or we can turn our thoughts, just a bit, and see the clear channel.

Then the turbulence is power that we can harness. Then the tide is flowing with us. Then the boat skims across the surface easily and safely.

Our thoughts make the jetty a reality as we focus on the good, the positive and the helpful. We don’t ignore bad things that happen—but we choose to set our sights beyond them into the safety and love of what comes next. We plan to be supported by life. We make choices that are life affirming. We view the world as our friend and as our helper.

God responds to such thoughts. It says, “yes,” to whatever perspective you hold in your mind. If you consistently view life as the storm, God will say, “yes”—and watch out for those waves! If you view life as a calm and supportive channel, God will also say, “yes.” Then it’s a most wonderful ride over silver seas.